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    On the Graces of Surat al-Wakiaah

    Sam Bazzi
    Sam Bazzi

    The Chapter of al-Wakiaah (سورة الواقعة) [Quran: sura 56] is famously known to be an easy and quick guarantee of financial security to those who are committed to reciting it habitually at night. Surat al-Wakiah is a short one. It consists of 96 short Ayas (Aya is Arabic for Sign)It can be properly recited in about only six minutes. There are many narrations about the benefits of its recitation. This article presents some them to the reader.

    It was recounted that the Third Caliph, Uthman ibn Aaffan (عثمان بن عفان), visited Abdullah ibn Massood (عبد الله بن مسعود) to console him while he was terminally ill. The two men had the following conversation:

    Uthman to Abdullah: What is grieving you?
    Abdullah: My sins
    Uthman: What do you desire?
    Abdullah: The mercy of my Lord
    Uthman: Can I fetch you a doctor?
    Abdullah: The doctor has rendered me ill
    Uthman: Can I order you a grant [of money]?
    Abdullah: You did not order it for me when I was the most needy of people and you want to order it for me now when I have no more [Worldly] needs? [as he is dying]
    Uthman: Then let the grant be for your daughters
    Abdullah: They have no need for the grant as I have ordered them to recite [the Chapter of] al-Wakiaah; I have heard the Messenger of God [Muhammad, PBUH] say: "Whoever recites surat al-Wakiaah every night shall never be struck by poverty."

    According to the Sixth Imam, Jaʿfar as-Sadiq (جعفر الصادق، عليه السلام), PBUH:

    "Whoever recites al-Wakiaah every night before he sleeps shall encounter God, Exalted and Glorious is He, and his face is like the Moon during its fullness."

    In another narration, al-Imam as-Sadiq, PBUH, declares:

    "Whoever misses Heaven and its qualities should recite al-Wakiaah."

    And also narrated to the Sixth Imam:

    "Whoever recites al-Wakiah during the Night of Friday [i.e., Thursday night], God beloves him and makes him beloved by all the people and he never experiences misery in this World nor poverty nor poorness and he will be among the companions of the Commander of the Faithful [i.e., the First Imam, Ali ibn Abi Taleb, PBUH]."

    In his famous book, Mafateeh aj-Jinan (مفاتيح الجنان), Sheikh Abbas al-Qummi (الشيخ عباس القمي), may God bless his soul, states that among the duties of the Night of Friday [i.e., Thursday night] is to "recite the Chapters of Bani Israel [17] and al-Kahf [18], the three Chapters starting with Ta-Seen [26, 27, 28], the Chapters Alef-Lam-Meem as-Sajdah [32], Ya-Seen [36], Sad [38], al-Ahkaf [46], and al-Wakiaah [56], but whoever does not have the opportunity to [recite all of them], he must choose al-Wakiah and those [listed here] prior to it."

    Also from Mafateeh aj-Jinan, "the Chapter of al-Wakiah is the Chapter of the Commander of the Faithful [i.e., Imam Ali, PBUH]."

    May God give every faithful tawfiq to understand and recite al-Wakiaah every night. Indeed, it is highly recommended to read one hundred Signs of Quran every night. The best way to do this is to read the Chapters of al-Wakiah and al-Ikhalss (Sura 112: kul huwa Allahu Ahad), thus one hundred Ayas.

    Please share the graces of al-Wakiaah with your family and friends.

    Sam Bazzi is an American counterterrorism and counter-ideology expert. He is the founder of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute. Bazzi blogs at and tweets at @sambazzi.

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